Master Key Experience Week 20

I can hardly believe it is week 20 and I am still in the class.  I’m glad about it. The break of week 19 left me feeling some kind of way and I was thankful for the week 20 webinar.

I had made myself some promises during week 19 concerning my home-based business.  I had decided I was going to search out a certain business to introduce myself to. I had been attending webinars and group calls regarding how to prospect these particular group people and I was certain that it would be easy for me to at least introduce myself and let them know about the program we had that may benefit them.

I started my search with Reference USA, I figured I could find all of these people that were in my area all at once, rather than using Google.  Once I chose all of the variables for groups in Rhode Island my search came up zero. Not one available in my area? Now what am I going to do? How am I going to pinpoint where these people work?  I had plans to be out visiting these businesses and now I have none to visit. Why have I spent so much time learning how to prospect them and how I could offer some type of value? Needless to say, I was angry.  I felt unworthy.  My feelings were hurt.  I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t feel like doing anything.  So I didn’t.  I started working on a 500 piece puzzle and the entire day, that was all I worked on.  

The next day, I went out to run errands and while out, I decided to have a little chat with my God.  I ended up ranting about why I always ran up against a brick wall. How I always try to do the right thing and I never get anywhere and what made me different from other people who was doing the same thing?   Was I not doing the right things, is there something else I am supposed to be doing and if so just tell me….and then I got quiet.  I repented first and then I got quiet.  I did not get any answers, yet.

On Sunday’s webinar, Davene started talking about the Grist Mill!  My DMP represents flour and in order for me to get flour while I am going through the process of creating flour, the grist is needed for the flour to become powdery.  The grist is my brick wall. The grist is my lack of understanding. The grist is my 24 “no’s”.  Without the grist mill my flour is grainy.  Bam!  I have been running into the grist mill my entire life.  But instead of allowing myself to be stretched a little, I went to do a puzzle.  I could have brainstormed other ideas, or chosen a different type of business or a different state. Yet I’d rather stay in what was comfortable for me, and I always do.   I understand that my victory could be right outside my comfort zone but I never allowed myself to be nudge a little here or there.

Davene also mentioned that those things that come to hold us back can be used as a stepping stone toward our goals.  At first I didn’t understand how, but after reading the comments in the Alliances this week, I learned a lot of different ways people are using fear, anger, guilt, unworthiness and hurt feelings to catapult them to a new level of awareness.

I don’t know how many blogs I’ve written where I mentioned that I need to pay attention and be aware of the things we are working on and remember how everything that we are asked to do is not just to keep us busy but to make us into self directed thinkers.  Now my promise is to take these last few weeks and drink all the kool-aid that comes with the lessons so that I can create a change that sticks.

My names is Cynthia Munford and I always keep my promises.

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