Master Key Experience Week 21

In Week 20 we talked about how we can use fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness as tools.  I wrote about how I struggled with gathering information for my network marketing business but I didn’t use any of the tools above to help get me over the hump. And I mentioned how I had a little talk with my God but didn’t get an answer.

The next day after I posted my blog for the week, I ran into a friend who is an entrepreneur extraordinaire.  We happened to be at the same event and was seated at the same table. I listened to her speak to people about their business and offer advice to many of them.  All the while, she was tapping me and said, write this down, this can help you too. All I could do was thank God that I had the opportunity to be sitting at the same table.  What she gave me will help streamline my business and get the word out about what I do.

The following day, I attended a church service.  I am not a member of this church and didn’t know the preacher.  The message that was spoken was how we need to get out of our comfort zone; how we need to be allowed to be stretched and that our victory or our goal is just outside of our comfort zone.  Imagine my surprise when I heard that after having confessed that I didn’t want to go outside of my comfort zone just days before.

Lesson 21 talks about getting in the miraculous flow of miracles.  It was a miracle to be sitting at a table with a person that freely poured her wisdom into me to help elevate my business.  It was a miracle that I attended this particular church service and heard a message which confirmed the lesson I am learning in the Master Key Mastermind Class.    Miracles are everywhere; in everyone and in everything.   We are nature’s greatest miracle!

My name is Cynthia Munford and I always keep my promises.

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