Master Key Experience Week 22

My granddaughter is learning to play the piano.  She was explaining how she can play the proper keys with her right hand and she can play the proper keys with her left hand, but she cannot play them together.  I tried to encourage her that with practice she will be able to bring it all together.  I also tried to explain the right brain left brain theory that we are learning and how with a few short activities, she can bridge the gap between them.  Her example of what I was explaining was, “oh I know what you mean, I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time.”  Whether that works or not, I don’t know, but I basically was trying to explain to her that she could accomplish whatever she puts her mind to and that if she can concentrate long enough it would happen.  She didn’t believe me.

Twice this week I tried to discuss a Haanel subject or an Og statement with whom I call a “non-believer.”  Its not fun and I know it is not very interesting to them; they might think I’m odd.

However, in Part 22, paragraph 2, Haanel says, …..’let us examine our Method of Thinking; let us remember that Every Thought Produces an Impression on the Mind; every impression is a Seed which Will Sink into the Subconscious and Form a tendency; the tendency will be to attract other similar thoughts and before we know it we shall have a Crop….’  It is my desire to help people understand that “thoughts are things” and that it is important that we watch what we allow into our minds.

The paragraph continues to say, your crop must be harvested.  What did you harvest?  Is it Sickness, Decay, Weakness, Failure?  Is it Health?  Is it Wealth?  Is it Prosperity?  What if we did harvest something we don’t want, can we change it?  Paragraph 4 says visualization may be effective.  Make a mental picture of what you want, hold it in the mind until it clicks in the conscious.  This is me, telling my granddaughter, “see yourself playing the piano with both hands.”  It’s hard for me to explain it quite like Haanel does in Chapter 5 that through the law of vibration the mind exercises control over the body.  And that every mental action is a vibration.  If she sets in her mind to the results she desires, vibration will modify the atoms in her body and affect a chemical change in her cells.  By now I am sure she would say, “My grandmother has lost it.”  I would just love to explain that everything in the Universe is what it is by its rate of vibration as explained in Paragraph 6.  And if we change the rate of vibration we change the nature, quality and form and thus can change the vibration and produce any condition we desire to manifest in our bodies.  What if we truly believed that our cells are intelligent and will respond to our direction as said in Paragraph 15.  I know a 14-year-old may not believe that today, but perhaps one day.

I met a few new fellow MKE participants and have joined a mastermind group with them on Marco Polo.  And while I don’t like hearing my voice and seeing my face on video,  I had to practice getting over my discomfort by just doing it.  It is so refreshing and pleasant to be in conversation with people who speak your same “language”.

My name is Cynthia Munford and I always keep my promises.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 22

  1. I have done Marco Polo only once because I feel uncomfortable. I have to get over my discomfort also. Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one with this issue. I promise I will do it before the course is over.

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    1. I understand you! Its intimidating but it’s part of the Journey.

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